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SORBEAD INDIA is a ISO 9001:2000 accredited manufacturing & exporter firm which has fully devoted its work in the field of moisture related applications, such as controlling the humidity, mold, mildew, oxidation, rust & corrosion, Air & Gas drying, solvent drying, Herbal & pharmaceutical purification of basic & herbal drugs.Its a unique organization which does not provides a technical but it offers a technique for correct usage of its product range, namely adsorbents as per theoretical & correct calculations & no assumptions!We offer our products for Pharmaceutical formulators , Basic API manufacturers,Bulk drug manufacturers like Column Chromatographic Adsorbent media like Alumina Basic,Neutral,Acidic.Silica Gel column grade for Analytical,Production & process work. Our product Molecular Sieves & Activated Alumina are dominating in the field of Solvent drying .We also provide USFDA approved products for packaging & formulations Like Desiccants ,Pharmaceutical Coils -Cotton,Rayon & Polyester.We do supply Oxygen Absorbers,Odour absorbers, Laminated & Aluminum tubes, Our organization has earned a good repute & today the reputation of being one of the most reliable organizations in its sphere of operation.


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Developer, Distributor, Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer, Trader

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Logistic Products: Chemical Storage Products
Laboratory Services: Laboratory Services
Cleanroom Products: Cleanroom Products
Filters: Filters, Pharmaceutical Filters
Consulting: Medicine Consulting, Pharmaceutical Consulting
Research: Medicine Research, Pharmaceutical Research
Processing Equipment: Pharmaceutical Processing Equipment
Ingredients: APIs
Chemicals: Chemicals
Packagings: Packagings
Medicines: Medicines
Packaging Services: Chemical Packaging Services, Food Packaging Services, Pharmaceutical Packaging Services


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